Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe

The Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe (PCNE) was established in 1994  and it became an official association (under Dutch law) in 2004.
Pharmaceutical Care is the pharmacist's contribution to the care of individuals, in order to optimize medicines use and improve health outcomes.

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9th PCNE Working Symposium 2024 , University of Basel, Switzerland

Advancing the paradigm of pharmacy practice research to next levels

20 - 22 June 2024

A key topic will be the Granada Statements that were recently published simultaneously in 12 journals. How can researchers contribute to strengthening the reporting of pharmacy practice as a discipline? Shane Desselle, co-author and editor-in-chief at Elsevier will shape an answer.
During workshops, participants will be invited to reflect on their own research and share their experience.

And, we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the pharmacists’ reference journal Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy (RSAP) during our social event.

Have a look at the pre-announcement flyer and save the date: 20-22 June 2024.


More information will follow in late summer.

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Workshop 1 & 6: Cultivating cohesian: Building a strong research team

Moderators: Rhonda Clifford and Liza Seubert from University of Western Australia


Workshop 2 & 7: From Guidelines to Quality Indicators: Pharmaceutical Care for Diabetes Type 2 in a Global Context

Workshop Facilitators:

  • Dr. Kenji Fujita, The University of Sydney, Kolling Institute, Australia
  • Dr. Kjell Halvorson, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Norway
  • Dr. Martina Teichert, Leiden University, Netherlands

The PCNE working group on Guidelines & Indicators has developed and published a definition of Quality Indicators for Pharmaceutical Care. (PhC). (Fujita K. et al, 2023) Subsequently,

the working group has completed extracting national guideline recommendations for pharmaceutical care to Diabetes Type 2 patients (DM2) from >10 countries, aiming for the development of a ‘core set’ of quality indicators (QIs) for DM2 in community pharmacies in these countries. In this stage, those recommendations need to be translated into QIs.

Learning objectives

After this workshop the participants will be able to:

-   explain the definition of QIs for PhC and their development process

-   translate guideline recommendations into QIs

-   get insight into the measurement properties of QIs and the validation process


During the workshop the participants will:

-          understand the achievements of this working group and the ongoing project

-          be involved in the translation of guideline recommendations into QIs

-          discuss the timing for assessing each measurement property of potential QIs, such as feasibility and applicability. This discussion will consider whether these properties should be assessed during an expert panel or a pilot study based on the participants' experience and knowledge across different countries.

Targeted workshop participants

This workshop is open to anyone, including higher degree research students, who are interested in measuring and improving quality of care can join in this workshop. After the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to join our working group.


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Workshop 5:


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