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The Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe (PCNE) was established in 1994  and it became an official association (under Dutch law) in 2004.
Pharmaceutical Care is the pharmacist's contribution to the care of individuals, in order to optimize medicines use and improve health outcomes.

Medication Review Drug-related problem classification Guidelines and Indicators

7th PCNE Working Symposium 2020, Egmond aan Zee, the Netherlands

Right questions, valid answers

7-8 February 2020


This PCNE Working Symposium will again be held in Egmond aan Zee in the Netherlands. All participants of the last PCNE Working Conference in 2019 were very satisfied with the venue, and those who joined us there already know that the location is close to the sea. All others now get a second chance to be with us at this unique location. So please join us again and help us to further the research in pharmaceutical care and pharmacy practice in the Netherlands in 2020.

The title of the symposium is ‘Right questions, valid answers’.  As researchers we know that a ‘smart’ research question determines the quality of the research and helps to create valid answers. As healthcare providers we know that it takes the right questions to make patients tell us their real concerns. Different methods are needed to perform good research. With plenary lectures, pre-conference courses and workshops you will get the insights needed!

Educational day

As there is an increasing demand for international educational sessions in the field of pharmaceutical care and practice research, some expert pre-conference courses will be given on Thursday. Additionally, a course on writing of scientific articles is planned.

Please note that you can book the expert course, but need to inform the secretariat separately (at info@pcne. org) which course you wish to attend.

Vuurtoren denim

The Symposium

After this educational day, the Symposium starts with a couple of inspiring lectures, short communications and a poster session on Friday morning. Poster presentations and discussions will be held in a newly developed format, and there will be oral communications as well. On Friday, the four PCNE working groups will discuss research around their expertise during short (3 h) workshops. There is the opportunity to visit two different workshops as they are all repeated on Saturday morning, after which the PCNE members will gather for their General Assembly.

We look forward to meeting you all again in Egmond, discussing and answering a number of questions on pharmaceutical care, but certainly also spending quality time together. A ‘Dinner in the Dunes’ close to the conference venue, as a social event, will certainly contribute to this. During this dinner, our new PCNE honorary members will officially be honoured.


Martina Teichert (PCNE Chairperson) and Jacqueline Hugtenburg (PCNE Secretary)


The conference courses and workshops are accredited for Dutch hospital and community pharmacists.

Lectures 7th February 9.00-10.30h

Right questions, valid answers. A qualitative approach

Dr. Susanne Kaae, Denmark

Right questions, valid answers. A quantitative approach

Prof. Carmel Hughes, N. Ireland

Workshops on 7th February 14.00-17.00h and 8th February 9.00-12.00h

WS1: Valid Tools for Medication review (Prof. Kurt Hersberger, Prof. Mitja Kos, Dr. Jacqueline Hugtenburg)

WS2: Validating PCNE DRP-classification (Dr. Nejc Horvat, Dr. Foppe van Mil, Dr. Tommy Westerlund)

WS3: Guidelines and their valid indicators (Dr. Martina Teichert, Dr. Kenji Fujita)

WS4: Valid tools for adherence assessment (Dr. Isabelle Arnet, Dr. Christiane Eickhof)




Expert courses Thursday 6th February 2020


Registration plus lunch


Expert Courses 1- 3 (Description, see tab Workshops)


Dinner time


Symposium Program Friday 7th February 2020






Right questions, valid answers. A qualitative approach

Dr. Susanne Kaae, Denmark


Right questions, valid answers. A quantitative approach

Prof. Carmel Hughes, N. Ireland


Coffee break


Poster walking tour (poster presentations in groups)


Oral communications




Workshops series 1


PCNE Soapbox (members only)


PCNE Social event, ‘Dinner in the dunes’

 (Separate registration)


Symposium Program Saturday 8th February 2020


Walking on the beach




Workshops series 2 (repeated workshops)


Closing session, incl. poster finals and awards


PCNE general Assembly


Abstracts must preferably be on one of the symposium themes: Validity in research, Drug-related Problems, Medication Review, Pharmaceutical Care standards, or Adherence.


Abstract submission is now open, and ends 15th November 2019 at 24.00h sharp.

Submit your abstract below.


The abstracts with the highest quality as per the evaluation of the Scientific Committee will be selected to be presented at the Oral Communications session with an award for the best oral communication. The other abstracts will be organized in groups and presented as posters. The best posters per group are part of a ‘poster walk’ with a presentation and make chance for the poster award.

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Abstract Content

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Briefly describe the context for the work and explain why this study or programme was needed.

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What did you aim to achieve with this study or programme?

Purpose of Study or Programme:
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Describe the key activities that define the work. For example, provide information that answers questions such as: With whom did you work? How did you identify / select these people? What was your intervention? How did you measure it?

Study or Programme Design and Methods:
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What did you discover from doing this work?

Findings of Study or Programme:
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What can you conclude from your study and what would be the impact of your finding(s).

Conclusions and Programme Implications:
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Note: the completed abstract should not exceed 400 words.


Courses 6th February 2020  13.00-17.00h

To be booked separately. If you book the expert course, please inform the PCNE secretariat which course you wish to attend at

Students need to send a pdf-copy of their University or College registration card to the PCNE office ( as attachment tol the email, if they want to register for the student fee.

Expert course 1: Right questions, valid answers: A broad introduction to qualitative research

Dr. Nejc Horvat, Slovenia, and Dr. Suzanne Kaae, Denmark


Expert course 2: Presenting and reporting my valid answers, how to write a scientific article

Dr. J.W. Foppe van Mil, Editor-in-chief IJCP, the Netherlands. Ms. Ema Paulino, Portugal

Once a (valid) study has been conducted, it is time to inform the (scientific) community of the findings. Especially in the biomedical field, there are certain conventions for sharing the results. Writing the article is a skill that can be learned. Additionally, selection of the publishing platform is an issue, what are the suitable journals for your research, and how do they want your paper presented.

This course will help you writing better articles, with a greater likelihood of being accepted for publication.


Expert Course 3: Right questions, valid answers in developing questionnaires

Dr. Isabelle Arnet, Switzerland and Dr. Christiane Eickhof, Germany


Registration starts: 15th October 2019.Early bird deadline: 15th December 2019 at 24.00h.


Registration fee Conference

N.B. Conference fee incl. accommodation (1 night), lunch, two workshops and breakfast

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Full registration including 2 nights plus expert course

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Early Bird Full registration including 2 nights plus expert course

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Pre-conference night (5th February) incl. breakfast pp

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Extra night incl. breakfast pp

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Social event Friday night, Dinner in the dunes

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Registration Expert Courses (no accommodation, incl. lunch)


Participation in Expert Course, incl. boxed lunch

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Expert course, student fee, incl. boxed lunch

80 €


 Full registration fee Expert Course + Conference (excl. social event)

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