Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe

The Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe (PCNE) was established in 1994  and it became an official association (under Dutch law) in 2004.
Pharmaceutical Care is the pharmacist's contribution to the care of individuals, in order to optimize medicines use and improve health outcomes.

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4th PCNE Working Conference 2005, Hillerød, Denmark

Pharmaceutical Care Research - Beyond the pharmacy perspective

16-20 February 2005

PCNE believes that to develop and to practice Pharmaceutical Care we need continually to learn and to research. PCNE has organised the 2005 Conference to help you make the most of all the learning opportunities; whether you are a researcher, a practitioner, a programme manager or a policy-maker. Our speakers and workshop leaders from the USA and Europe are first class, but unlike other conferences the participants are as involved as the speakers.
It will be the interactions that are facilitated in the workshops and in the exchange of experiences in between workshop sessions that provided new ideas or the chance to learn an innovative research method or generate a problem-solving strategy for use in research or practlce.
A firm evldence base is essential to any Health Care enterprise; and Pharmaceutlcal Care is no exception. PCNE works to develop the pharmaceutlcal care process, to facllitate pharmaceutlcal care practice and to promote the introduction and implementation of pharmaceutical care using sound scientific methods.
We hope that you will take every opportunlty to find out what is going on in the other Workshops and that you wlll find a lot of useful material in the posters of research work that will be on display throughout the Conference.
We are grateful to the Förderlnltlative Pharmazeutlsche Betreuung e.V. of BerIin who, In the name of ABDA -the Federal Unlon of German Associations of Pharmacists, has sponsored a Prlze for the Best Pharmaceutlcal Care Research Poster. This was awarded at the closlng sesslon.
There was ample chance to hear discussion of some of the posters and also of research projects that are belng developed or underway in the session entitled 'Discussion of Ongoing Projects' . This is a new type of session, and we hope that it has communicated valuable information as well.


Martin Henman, Chair of the Conference


Organising committe:

  • Martin Henman, Ireland (Chairman)
  • Foppe van Mil, the Netherlands
  • Carmel Hughes, N. Ireland
  • Hanne Herborg, Denmark
  • Filipa Alves da Costa, Portugal
  • Bente Frøkjær, Denmark (Secretary)

- Pharmaceutical Care Research - beyond the pharmacy perspective (Dennis Helling, USA)

- Action Research (Ellen West Sørensen, Denmark)

- Patient empowerment and the therapeutic relationship - a research perspective (Theo Raynor, United Kingdom)

- Patient safety and pharmaceutical care (Stephen McMahon, Ireland)

- Implementing pharmaceutical care in US community pharmacies; the Ashville experience (Dale Christensen, USA)

Workshop 1: Empowering patients in the context of medication use (Theo Raynor, UK & Carmel Hughes, N. Ireland)

Workshop 2: Exploring study design for phase 4 (Dennis Helling, USA & Birthe Søndergaard, Denmark)

Workshop 3: Developing new research into implementation barriers and facilitators (Charlotte Rossing, Denmark & Foppe van Mil, the Neherlands)

Workshop 4: Developing participatory action research in pharmaceutical care (Ellen West Sørensen & Lotte Haugbolle, Denmark)

Workshop 5: Statistical aspects of outcome research (Dale Christensen, USA & Filipa Alves da Costa, Portugal)