Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe

The Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe (PCNE) was established in 1994 by a number of European pharmaceutical care researchers. It became an official association (under Dutch law) in 2004.

Medication Review Drug-related problem classification Guidelines and Indicators

1st PCNE Working Conference 1999, Hillerød, Denmark

The outcomes of Pharmaceutical Care

26-29 January 1999

In January 1999, the Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe (PCNE) together with the Danish College of Pharmacy Practice, Pharmakon, in Hillerød, organised a working conference (the first!) during which the outcomes of pharmaceutical care were the core topic. Participating were a mixture of researchers in the field of outcome assessment and practising pharmacists from 18 different countries, including some from outside Europe.

A document with all the abstracts and reports can be downloaded here.


Organising committee: Foppe van Mil (Chairman, the Netherlands), Bente Frøkjær (Secretary, Denmark), Cecilia Claeson (Sweden), Marion Schaefer (Germany), Birthe Søndergaard (Denmark), Mary Tully (United Kingdom)

During the working conference, 5 lectures were given. Reports of the lectures can be found in the Proceedings WC 1999.


- Measuring outcomes in pharmaceutical care (Mary Tully, United Kingdom)

- Constructing instruments: the example of Health Related Quality of Life (Per Bech, Denmark)

- Assessing and translating instruments (Pedro Lopez Ferreira, Portugal)

- Measuring compliance, how it can be done (John Urquhart, the Netherlands)

- Applying outcome measurements in research practice (James McElnay, United Kingdom)

During this conference, seven workshops were held:

(Workshop reports can be found in the Proceedings WC 1999)

Workshop 1+2: Assessing patient satisfaction and health status (Hanne Herborg, Denmark & Linda McKeigan, Canada)

Workshop 3: Assessing knowledge and attitude towards medicine (Frank Verheyen & Marion Schaefer, Germany)

Workshop 4: Assessing behaviour and coping strategies (John Urquhart, the Netherlands, Ian Sturgess & James McElnay, United Kingdom)

Workshop 5: Assessing use of medical resources and the economic impact (Hakan Brodin, Sweden & Francisco Batel Marques, Portugal)

Workshop 6: Assessing drug-related problems from the patient perspective (Almut Müller-Jaeger, Germany & Foppe van Mil, the Netherlands)

Workshop 7: Assessing appropriateness of drug therapy and changes in drug therapy (Judy Cantrill and Mary Tully, United Kingdom)