Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe

The Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe (PCNE) was established in 1994  and it became an official association (under Dutch law) in 2004.
Pharmaceutical Care is the pharmacist's contribution to the care of individuals, in order to optimize medicines use and improve health outcomes.

Conferences Working groups


No. Name Thesis Title Country Year
33 Rik EnsingReadmission to primary care: the role of community pharmacists post-dischargeThe Netherlands2017
32 Kirsten ViktilDrug-related problems in hospitalized patients. A major challenge in current medicine. Norway2007
31 Laura V.J. LechThe use of clinical pharmacist and pharmaconomist services. - In regards to resource consumption and medication safety in a Danish hospital settingDenmark
30 Trine R.H. NielsenPharmacist's Optimisation of the Medication Process During Admission to HospitalDenmark2013
28 Maria CordinaDevelopment of Pharmaceutical Care in MaltaN. Ireland1998
27 Aida & Liezbeth Turpo & OrtizBarriers to the implementation of pharmaceutical care in pharmacies in Cusco, PeruPeru2013
26 Jonel Gozar MaravíImpact of pharmaceutical care in Asthma patients in the pharmacy chain "Boticas u Salud"in district Comas in Lima cityPeru2017
25 Liana Ayala y Kelya CondezoImpact of pharmaceutical care on health-related quality of life of hypertension patientsPeru2007
24 Ana Lucia GalánPharmaceutical care in ambulatory hypertension patients in "Salud y Vida" pharmacy in 2010Equador2011
23 Aldo Alvares-RiscoPharmaceutical care in heart failure patients in PeruPeru2002
22 J.W.Foppe van MilPharmaceutical Care, the future of pharmacyThe Netherlands1999
21 Philipp WalterDrug resistance with monitored adherenceSwitzerland2013
20 Markus MesserliClinical pharmacy services and evaluation of medicines use : the case of the Swiss polymedication checkSwitzerland2016
19 Seraina MengiardiOutpatient subcutaneous injection therapy : drug use problems with low-molecular-weight heparins and impact of pharmaceutical careSwitzerland2012
18 Karen MaesPharmacists' documentation of interventions in seamless care : PharmDISCSwitzerland2016
17 Jörg Intermitte Potential Drug Interactions – Exposure and management in Hospital and ambulatory settings Switzerland 2006
16 Patrick Eichenberger Pharmaceutical Care Practice - Drug-related problems and opportunities for new services Switzerland 2010
15 Angela Caduff GoodRational and safe dosing of phenprocoumon during loading and maintenance phaseSwitzerland2012
14 Andrea Botomino Diabetes screening and Health Promotion - Evaluation of a pharmacy based campaign and of related activities Switzerland 2005
13 Fabienne BöniAdherence to polypharmacy - use of multidrug punch cards in primary careSwitzerland2015
12 Samuel AllemanAdherence to polypharmacy from a pharmaceutical care perspective : evalution of an electronic medication dispenser and of tailored adherence interventions in primary careSwitzerland2017
11 Tobias DreischulteA model for continuous quality improvement of medication use: Concepts, methods and applicationsSchotland2012
10 Isabel RamalhinhoO uso dos antibióticos no Algarve: padrão de utilização, conhecimentos, crenças e comportamentos. [The use of antibiotics in the Algarve: pattern of use, knowledge, beliefs and behaviors]Portugal2012
9 Anna Brynis BlondalBringing pharmaceutical care to primary care in IcelandIceland2017
8 Olaf RoseFeasibility and Efficacy of a Collaborative Medication Management for Elderly, Multimorbid PatientsGermany2017
7 Charlotte RossingThe practice of Pharmaceutical care in Denmark - a quantitative approachDenmark2003
6 Lotte Stig NørregaardThe development of Patient Medication records in Denmark Denmark 1996
5 Susanne Kaae Implementation of the Inhaler Technique Assessment ServiceDenmark 2009
4 Stanislava YordanovaEvaluate the quality of life after the implementation of pharmaceutical care services for patients with diabetesBulgaria2014
3 Anna TodorovaDrug use and the role of the pharmacists in improving the quality of life of children with bronchial asthmaBulgaria2016
2 Valentina PetkovaTheoretical and practical aspects of the conception of Pharmaceutical care in some specific groups of patients.Bulgaria2015
1 Stanislav GeorgievStudy ot the opportunities for the implementation of pharmaceutical care in the community pharmacy practice.Bulgaria2007