Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe

The Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe (PCNE) was established in 1994  and it became an official association (under Dutch law) in 2004.
Pharmaceutical Care is the pharmacist's contribution to the care of individuals, in order to optimize medicines use and improve health outcomes.

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DRP-classification: Start validation V 9.0

The complete validation set for the PCNE-DRP classification V9.0 in English is ready. We are now looking for research coordinators, who are willing to undertake the validation in their country, but there are no financial incentives.

Research coordinators can be postdocs, or supervised students. The task of the research coordinator will be to find 20-30 pharmacists (or doctors) with a clinical pharmacy/pharmaceutical care background who do read and understand English, and ask them to complete a set of 20 cases on-line, and a validation questionnaire. The total validation per pharmacist will take (we guess) 2-3 hours, so it is not to be taken too lightly! The coordinators will receive a validation pack with all necessary documents. And the coordinators of the PCNE DRP working group, Foppe van Mil, Nejc Horvat and Tommy Westerlund, are available for assistance.

Not a member of PCNE, but interested in helping us with the validation? Please contact the PCNE professional secretariat at info@pcne.otg.