Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe

The Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe (PCNE) was established in 1994  and it became an official association (under Dutch law) in 2004.
Pharmaceutical Care is the pharmacist's contribution to the care of individuals, in order to optimize medicines use and improve health outcomes.

Conferences Working groups

New members

During the General Assembly in Mechelen, 7 February 2015, the following new members were welcomed:

  • Dr. Hanne Herborg, Copenhagen, Denmark, as a honorary member of PCNE. The laudatio was presented during the closing session of the Working Conference.
  • Dr. Zinaida Bezverhni, from Moldavia as an individual member.
  • The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Utrecht, and especially the team of the UPPER network, Utrecht, the Netherlands, as an institutional member (represented by Dr. Ellen Koster).
  • The Dept. of Clinical Pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacology, University of Charkov, Ukraine, as a institutional member (represented by Dr. Olga Grinzova).
  • Dr. Olaf Rose, Münster, Germany, pharmacist and independent research coordinator, as individual member.
  • Dr. Nadir Kheir, who works at the College of Pharmacy at Qatar university in Doha, Quatar, as an individual observer-member.
  • KAVA, the Antwerp Pharmacist Association, Belgium, as an institutional member (represented by
    Dr. Francis Nagels)
  • The Dept. of Pharmaceutical Care of the University of Basle, Switzerland, as an institutional member (represented by Dr. Isabelle Arnet).

As a result of these changes, the individual membership of Dr. Lyda Blom and Prof. Kurt Hersberger have ended.