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The Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe (PCNE) was established in 1994  and it became an official association (under Dutch law) in 2004.
Pharmaceutical Care is the pharmacist's contribution to the care of individuals, in order to optimize medicines use and improve health outcomes.

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PCNE Newsletter April 2023



VOLUME 19 I NUMBER 1                                            APRIL 2023

Chairperson's editorial

Thanks to all for a successful 13th Working Conference in Denmark
Dear friends, Dear colleagues,
We are looking back on a successful working conference in Hillerød at Pharmakon, where PCNE was established and the first conference was held in 1999. Over 100 participants, workshop moderators and keynote speakers all enjoyed attending this conference in person and experiencing lively discussions and intensive exchange, but “no virtual meetings”.
In this newsletter, you get a short report from the 13th Working Conference 2023 and the main headlines from the General Assembly 2023 including the new individual and institutional members. Also, the dates and location for next year's symposium are revealed at the end. On the PCNE website, you will find the keynote lectures, the workshop reports, the soapbox presentations and a  picture book.

Bjarke Abrahamsen Chair of the PCNE board

Short Report from Hillerød 2023 – Pharmacies' new roles in pharmaceutical care: bridging research and practice
13th PCNE Working Conference 2023
Hillerød, Denmark, 8-11 February 2023
The numbers, 100 participants, representing 23 nations, 59 abstracts accepted, 54 posters, the Foppe van Mill memorial lecture, three keynote speakers, and five workshops.  

The overall theme for the conference was Pharmacies' new roles in pharmaceutical care: bridging research and practice. Birthe Søndergaard, Healthcare director at the Danish Association of Pharmacies gave the Foppe van Mil Memorial Lecture. Birthe honoured Foppe with anecdotes and took us through the journey of the development of Danish community pharmacies after the introduction of pharmaceutical care. 

The lectures,  workshop reports, oral communication sessions, soapbox presentations and the picture book of the 13th PCNE working conference are accessible for members at:

Keynote lectures:
  • Waseeat Kareem-Aliu, From pharmacy student to pharmacist: exploring the journey of moral development
  • Christina Fogtmann Fosgearu, Language Psychology: How are people affected by and affect each other as they communicate?
  • Michael Müller, Sustainable Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Care: two sides of the same coin


During the conference five intensive and productive workshops were held:

  • Working with pharmacy communication research
  • How to upgrade the quality of my pharmaceutical care research design
  • Pharmacist prescribing in Europe: are we ready?
  • Medication adherence - Developing a multicentric study in community pharmacy
  • Evaluation of quality indicators for measuring the quality of pharmaceutical care


All participants and workshop leaders provided and generated impressive results. The board would like to thank all for their contribution sincerely.

Winner of the poster prize: (sponsored by Förderinitiaive Pharmazeutische Betreuung, Germany)
  • Viktoria Jungreithmayr, University of Heidelberg, Germany


Winner of the oral presentation prize: (sponsored by PCNE) This year the prize was split between:
  • Fine Dietrich, University of Basel, Switzerland
  • Noelia Amador-Fernandez, the University of Lausanne, Switzerland 

Danish Day

A new initiative was introduced with a special day for Danish pharmacists and pharmaconomists. On Friday 10th February 9 participants took part in a Danish day where they had their own workshop on mentalizing as well as being part of the PCNE 13th Working Conference. 

Social event and PCNE anthem

During the social event, Martin Henman was kind enough to honour and thank the organiser of the conference. A standing ovation followed the humorous speech as an expression of gratitude for the organisation of this very successful conference. As a further highlight, Nejc Horvath well known for his fantastic digital capabilities created ad hoc with the help of ChatGPT a PCNE anthem

PCNE anthem

as proposed by ChatGPT and configured by Nejc Horvat during the social event on 10th February 2023 at the 13th working conference of PCNE, held in Hilleroed (DK)

Verse 1:

In Europe's lands, from east to west

We gather here, to do our best

With science and care, our goal in sight

We work for health, with all our might



Pharmaceutical Care Network, we stand united

With knowledge and passion, we'll never be divided

For the betterment of all, our mission clear

Pharmaceutical Care Network, we are here!


Verse 2:

With hearts and minds, we strive to learn

To find new ways, to heal and earn

The trust of patients, in every nation

With evidence-based care, our foundation



Pharmaceutical Care Network, we stand united

With knowledge and passion, we'll never be divided

For the betterment of all, our mission clear

Pharmaceutical Care Network, we are here!



From research to practice, our work is never done

With each new discovery, our hope shines like the sun

Together we'll face, any challenge that may come

For a brighter future, for everyone!



Pharmaceutical Care Network, we stand united

With knowledge and passion, we'll never be divided

For the betterment of all, our mission clear

Pharmaceutical Care Network, we are here!



With this anthem, our voices raise

In celebration of our endless grace

We'll strive for excellence, each and every day

Pharmaceutical Care Network, hooray!


General Assembly 2023

The GA was attended by xx members in person and an additional xx online.  Please see the report from the GA 2023 in the members’ section:

Honorary members
This year two honorary members were named, but as they were not able to attend the GA the inauguration was postponed to next year GA. In addition, four more members will be awarded and honoured at the next PCNE symposium in 2022:

  • Veerle Foulon (Belgium), 2023
  • Nina Griese (Germany), 2023
  • Ema Paulino (Portugal), 2024
  • Nejc Horvat Slovenia), 2024
  • Martina Teichert (Netherlands), 2024
  • Jacqueline Hugtenburg (Netherlands), 2024

PCNE finances
Jacqueline Hugtenburg presented the balance for 2022 with a loss caused by the expensive efforts to organize a conference in hybrid short after the COVID-19 lockdown. Fortunately, this negative result can easily be compensated by the current fortune mainly accumulated during the conference in Basel in 2021. Manfred Krüger presented the audit report with relevant commentaries and proposes the exoneration of the financial manager Jacqueline Hugtenburg and the board. The members accept both reports with acclamation.

PCNE communication strategy

On behalf of the board Martina Odalovic shortly presented a communication strategy that will direct the communication between PCNE and its members, European researchers in pharmaceutical care and partner organizations.

New members
This year the GA also welcomed two new institutional members and five individual members. On behalf of the PCNE board, we welcome:
Institutional member
  • Lotte Stig Nøergaard (Institutional) Danish Network for Community Pharmacy Practice  Research and Development, Denmark
  • Iva Mucalo   (Institutional) Associate Professor at the Centre for Applied Pharmacy, University of Zagreb Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, Croatia  


Individual members
  • Helena Orehovački (Individual), PhD candidate at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, Croatia
  • Lucija Ana Bićanić  (Individual) Community pharmacist at a Health care centre and collaborating with Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, University of Zagreb, Croatia
  • Stefanova Maria Kamusheva (Individual)  Associate Professor at Faculty of Pharmacy, Medical University – Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Rik Ensing  (Individual) PhD, Outpatient pharmacist-researcher at Zorggroep Almere, an outpatient pharmacy located in Flevo Hospital Almere, The Netherlands
  • Angela PIZARRO  (Individual) PhD Candidate, Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, NOVA University of Lisbon. Portugal

The process for the approval of new members
One of the subjects discussed at this year's GA was the approval of new members. The questions were centred around how new members should present themselves in person if they had to have a proven record of research in pharmaceutical care etc. (PLEASE ADD MORE POINTS)
The board will discuss all points and present new guidelines for the approval of new members at next year's GA. 

Plese visit the PCNE members site to read the minutes from the GA:
Next PCNE Working Symposium, 1-3 February, Lisbon,Portugal
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