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The Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe (PCNE) was established in 1994  and it became an official association (under Dutch law) in 2004.
Pharmaceutical Care is the pharmacist's contribution to the care of individuals, in order to optimize medicines use and improve health outcomes.

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PCNE Awards


During PCNE events, and especially the bi-annual Working Conferences, traditionally there are (sponsorred) awards for the best oral communication and best poster.

Awards 2019 (Working Conference Egmond)

The Oral Communication Award funded by the Förderinitiative Pharmazeutische Betreuung was won by Fatma Karapinar (OLVG Hospital, Amsterdam, the Netherlands), with her presentation about 'The effect of a Geriatric Stewardship on drug-related problems after discharge'.
The Service Apotheek Poster Award was won by Tamara Imfeld-Insenegger from the University of Basle, Switzerland, with her poster on 'Evaluation of medication discrepancies identified through medication reconciliation in community pharmacy settings'.

Awards 2018 (Working Symposium Fuengirola)

The Oral communication award (made available by the Förderinitiative Pharmazeutische Betreuung) during this symposium was awarded to Lise-Marie Kinnaer from Leuven University, Belgium with her presentation about 'Seamless care for patients treated with oral anticancer drugs'.

The shared poster award (made available by the Consejo General de Colegios Oficiales de Farmacéuticos de España) was won by the Grupo de Investigación en Atención Farmacéutica, Cátedra María José Faus Dáder de Atención Farmacéutica (GIAF-CUGRAF), Universidad de Granada, Spain, with their poster 'conSIGUE Impact and Implementation: experience, different phases, and results'. And by SEFAC, Madrid, Spain with the title: 'Determination of irregular pulse in Spanish community pharmacy, as screening for atrial fibrillation. Project Know your pulse'.

Awards 2017 (Working Conference Bled)

The Oral Communication Award was won by Bjarke Abrahamsen, Pharmakon, Denmark for his presentation: 'A protocol for a cost-utility study on medication reviews'.

The Poster Award was won by Susanne Erzkamp, Germany for her poster entitled 'Development and evaluation of an algorithm in Medication Management for best practice'.

Award 2016 (Working Symposium Hilleroed)

The poster award was won by Sek Hung Chau from the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam,the Netherlands, for a poster ‘Cost-effectiveness of gastroprotection with proton pump inhibitors in low-dose acetylsalicylic acid users’.

The Förderinitiative Pharmazeutische Betreuung Oral Communication award went to Goedele Strauven from the Catholic University Leuven, Belgium. She presented 'The adaptation of a DRP-classification for the COME-ON study'.

Award 2015 (Working Conference Mechelen)

In Mechelen the winner of the Förderinitiative Pharmaceutische Betreeung oral communication award was Sophie Liekens (KU Leuven, Department of Pharmaceutical & Pharmacological sciences, Leuven Belgium) with her presentation on 'Depression training for pharmacists significantly improves patients’ satisfaction, concerns and feelings about side effects regarding antidepressant therapy'. 

The APB Award for the best poster was won by The Poster award for the best poster has been made available by the Belgian Pharmacist Association APB. It was won by Ana Janezic, University of Lubljana, Slovenia with her poster ‘Medication adherence and health outcomes among asthma patients in Slovenia’.

Awards 2013 (Working Conference Berlin)

The Lesmüller Oral Communication Award was won by Stephen Carter from the University of Sydney in Australia, for his presentation about the "Informal Caregivers' willingness to use Home Medication Review: Developing and Testing the Knowledge Hassles Information Seeking Model (KHISM)".
The FI Poster Award had to be shared by two winners: Sinthia Bosnic-Antisevic et al. from the University of Sydney for their poster about "Comparing three different forms of education on health professional inhaler technique and maintenance of correct technique", and Silvia M. Grote et al. for their poster about "Preventive care services in community pharmacies for improvement of cardiovascular risk factors - Evaluation by participants".

Awards 2011 (Working Conference Manchester)

The winner of the ABDA Poster Award 2011 (sponsored by the Pharmaceutical Care foundation of the German Pharmacist Federation, ABDA) was Manfred Krüger from the Linner Apotheke in Krefeld, Germany. He presented the work on pharmaceutical care in diabetes in a poster entitled: "Home medication review for patients with insulin-dependen diabetes mellitus" . The authors were Manfred Krüger, Dr. Nina Griese, Dr. Suzanne Schorr and Prof. Dr. Martin Schulz.
The winner of the Pharmaceutical Press Award for the best oral communication was Linda Agaard Thomsen from Pharmakon, Hillerød, Denmark, who presented her work on automated dose dispensing. The authors were Dr. Linda Agaard Thomsen, Hanne Herborg and Dr. Charlotte Rossing. The title of the presentation was "From machine to mouth: How can automated dose dispensing lead to safer and mre effective patient medication?".

Awards 2009 (Vimeiro)

The Glinnt award for the best oral communication during the 2009 Working Conference of the PCNE (sponsored by Glinnt, Portugal) went to Tenni PC, Peterson GM, Williams MOC for the oral communication on "Clinical Interventions in Australian Community Pharmacies".

The ABDA Poster Award 2009 for the best poster during the 2009 Working Conference (sponsored by the Pharmaceutical Care foundation of the German Pharmacist Federation, ABDA) went to J Krska, C Morecroft, H Poole, P Rowe, and R Auckland for their description of "Developing a medicines-related quality of life measure".

Awards 2007 (Gothenburg)

The ABDA poster awards 2007 for the best poster during the 2007 Working Conference of the PCNE (sponsored by the Pharmaceutical Care foundation of the German Pharmacist Federation, ABDA) went to two research teams. The lucky winners were:

Charlotte Rossing, Hanne Herborg, L. Sorensen, Pharmakon, Hillerød, Denmark for their poster "Adherence problems among type 2-diabetics" and
Catriona Bradley, Martin Henman. School of pharmacy, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland with "Studies of health promotion and weight control in Community Pharmacy in the Republic of Ireland".